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When Should You Replace Your Roof?

If you have roof damage or leaking, NOW is the best time to replace your roof! Waiting can lead to more problems and additional home repair costs. As a proactive homeowner, it’s good to keep an eye on your home and plan ahead for routine maintenance. The years pass...

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Spring is Here!

Spring is here and it feels so good to get outside! After a long winter, we venture out to see what needs to be cleaned up or fixed around the house and yard. The winter winds and storms may have caused damage to your roof. If you notice leaking or shingles missing or...

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4 Most Common Roofing Problems

Your roof protects your home and can give you peace of mind for many years when properly installed and maintained. A key part of maintenance is being aware and noticing when something isn’t right, then dealing with problems swiftly as they arise. Below are 4 common...

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Roofing Storm Damage

Wind and storms can cause significant damage to your roof. Weather-related damage is often covered by your home-owners insurance, so it is beneficial to keep an eye on things and address problems right away. It helps to document what you notice following a storm. Do a...

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Roofing Terminology

Every industry has their lingo and it can feel like the professional is speaking another language when they throw out terms that you have never heard before! When you speak with one of our guys about getting a new roof, here is a list of the most common terms roofers...

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Roof Ventilation

When we think of our roof, we think shingles – what we can see. But there is always more going on beneath the surface, and roofing is no exception. One thing that will protect the life of your roof, keep your home the right temperature for the season, and help keep...

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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring is on our minds now that the snow has melted and the days are getting longer and warmer. Winter storms combined with freezing and thawing temperatures take their toll on your home’s exterior. As you plan for spring cleaning, remember to clean and inspect the...

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Warning Signs of an Aging Roof

A quality, well-installed roof should last for many years. Regular inspection and maintenance will help to ensure your roof lasts. We may give it a glance after a bad storm or some strong winds, but it’s a good idea to add inspecting your roof to your fall and spring...

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Materials Matter

Often the quip, “You get what you pay for” rings true, and home maintenance and remodeling is no exception. It can be tempting to want to go with a lower grade shingle or skimp on some of the finishing better accessories, but making educated decisions will ultimately...

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