Your roof protects your home and can give you peace of mind for many years when properly installed and maintained. A key part of maintenance is being aware and noticing when something isn’t right, then dealing with problems swiftly as they arise. Below are 4 common roofing problems to watch out for, what may cause them, and what to do if you notice something isn’t right.


Leaks of any kind indicate a problem you want to fix right away. A leak results from some type of penetration in your roof. It could be a hole caused by animals or a tree branch scratching away at your roof, missing shingles, or the flashing around your chimney, vents, or pipes wearing down. If you can pin-point where the leak is, it is often easy to see what needs to be repaired or replaced to seal the hole. If you are unable to find the source of the leak, or need help repairing what is damaged, contact a professional. Remember – roofing projects are tricky to DIY!


Pooled water is a puddle on your roof that does not go away within 48 hours of the rain stopping. While this is most common on a flat roof, it can also happen when there is debris built up (check around your chimney) or because your gutters are not draining properly. Be thankful there is not a leak to fix, but make quick work of clearing the debris to allow for proper drainage before the pooled water causes mold, mildew, or rot.


Birds nests and extra leaves dropping from trees are part of the debris mentioned above that you will want to clear from your roof and gutter. Also listen for scampering in your attic and look out for holes in your siding or at the roofline where animals and insects can get in. Animals chew on insulation, roofing materials, and electrical wires, causing serious damage. If you notice a problem, call a roofing company for an inspection AND an exterminator to get rid of pests! Keeping tree branches trimmed will prevent them from scraping shingles off your roof when it’s windy or during a storm.


Ventilation is so important that we did an entire post about it!

Proper insulation works with ventilation to increase the energy efficiency in your home. This is especially important with the frequent temperature changes in Michigan! There are many types of insulation so contact a professional to discuss what will work best for your home.

Early detection is key with all of these issues.