Michigan has had a flurry of winter weather, making ice dams a real possibility. We want to keep your home warm, cozy, and leak-free! Read below for a brief summary of ice dams and how to protect your home.

What is a roof ice dam?

The main cause of ice dams is improper insulation or ventilation. As heat escapes, snow and ice melt, the water trickles down and refreezes at the edge of your roof or in your gutters, creating a build-up of ice. As water backs up, it can get under your shingles and cause leaks in your walls, ceilings, and floors. When insulation and drywall get wet, mold and mildew grow.

What to watch for.

Prevention and early detection are the best ways to avoid a major or urgent issue. Be sure you have adequate insulation and ventilation in your attic. Keep your gutters free from leaves and other debris. One blessing of all the snow is that now is the time when you will be able to notice if you have issues that need to be addressed. Check your roofline for icicles and your roof for uneven melting.

Icicles off the side of your roof indicate poor insulation.

Be careful!

Be careful not to hack away at the ice – this could cause more damage to your shingles and gutters. It is dangerous to get up on a slippery roof, so don’t try to climb up and fix it yourself! If you have concerns or you know your roof needs replacing, please contact us. We know what to look for and have the tools needed to repair or replace your roof, as well as fix any interior damage. Call us to make sure you have a complete roof system that works for you!